What is your question here?

1How can I buy the project?
After adding chosen products to basket, the transaction becomes finalized with a Paypal payment.
2When and how do I receive the project?
After the payment is accepted, refresh the page. Then you will be able to download the file. Remember - one file can be downloaded three times, you have 3 days for it.
3In what form do I receive the project?
We will provide access to download a *.ZIP file. It contains *.pdf files with drawings and an instruction, *.dwg files /the 2010 version/ and possibly demonstrative photos. The *.dwg files are in 2d and 3d versions. The *.dwg files are in 1:1 scale. The project will only be avaible in electronic form.
4How do I open *.dwg files?
Most free internet search devices open *.dwg files. One example can be the trial version of gstarcad program.
5Can each project be made without cnc machines?
No. With some projects it is advisory that you use cnc machines.