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May 1, 2020
Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ WG gas/fuel tank skid plate
July 28, 2020

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK WH 3.0crd 07- winch plate with skid plate

$ 34,00

Finished product:

Jeep Grand Cherokee III WK/WH facelift 3.0 crd winch plate with skid plate and shackle tabs

  • made to fit 8000 lbs winches
  • does not restrict air-flow to the radiator

Main materials thickness:

  • skid plate 4mm
  • winch plate 6mm
  • shackle pads 5/8″
  • more thinkness data inside the file

What ziped files you’ll recive:

  • cad files: 2D and 3D (cnc cutting and bending)
  • pdf file – with the most important information (bending angles, welding procedure proposal, bolts, etc.)
  • installation instructions (in the form of photos from the assembly)
  • size of the zip file is 3638KB

Estimated weight:

  •  40 kg

Required skills:

  • welding
  • grinding

Required changes in the car:

  • cutting of the cross member
  • cutting front bumper

We also sell finished products:

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